Speech Topics


Is your business or industry changing at the speed of light?  Do you need your team to be entrepreneurial and always considering new opportunities? Learn how to inspire greater creativity and innovation for your employees to capture and leverage their creative potential.  This program will help you discover how to foster a collaborative environment that unleashes the creative resources of your entire organization; establish systems and processes for effective risk-taking; focus employees’ creativity on the goals of the organization; implement internal structures and processes that make innovation a reality; and inspire a culture of continuous creativity and innovation.

In this half-day workshop you will learn how to:

  • Learn and apply time-tested concepts and practices to increase creativity and innovation
  • Begin to instill a collaborative culture within your organization
  • Use your organizational identity to enable creative decision-making to reinforce what your organization is all about
  • Encourage risk taking with a strong, well-communicated organizational identity
  • Recognize and nurture the important links between leadership, creativity and innovation


Every business has customers – but only a small percentage have fans – real advocates who not only buy on a regular basis, but evangelize that business to friends, family and co-workers. Could your business benefit from building its fanbase? In this workshop, Jill will walk you through her proven tips and methods to keep your customers coming back for more and get them talking about your business at every chance they get.

After this half-day workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply Jill’s tactics to your own business to establish loyalty with your customer or client base
  • Act on Jill’s 4-step process to improve your online presence and keep customers coming back
  • Respond to customers and clients’ needs so that you convert them into enthusiasts!


Conventional wisdom says that leaders are unique individuals born with distinct qualities that make people want to follow them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Leadership can be learned – and great leaders are always learning. In this session, you will learn how to identify your strengths and leverage those strengths to create your unique leadership style. Jill will lead you through the process of discerning your role as a leader in your chosen field. Learn to listen for, understand and master your internal motivations to find and release your inner trailblazer.

After this half-day seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify your leadership style
  • Develop a solid leadership strategy
  • Get cracking on becoming an authentic leader in your industry using Jill’s step-by-step process


Everyone is on social media these days.  Your customers, your partners, your suppliers and just about everyone else you do business with – or want to do business with – are building their brands and making names for themselves.  And if they are not on social media yet, “getting on social media” is buried on their To Do list somewhere, while they miss out on new opportunities.

Which group are you a part of? Is it time for your organization to get back to a leadership position in your sector or market? Is it time to quickly and efficiently get your team using these sites in ways that benefit your business? I think it is.

Attendees at this workshop will learn, from the ground up, how to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for business.  Communicating and nurturing the culture of your organization is vital to the successful engagement of your employees, and even more so, understanding how to effectively interact with customers, suppliers and others in any social media platform is a must in today’s business landscape. Your team is already on these sites, now help them explore the value and utility of the tweet.  The practicality of a Facebook post.  The lessons that come from utilizing LinkedIn.  Let’s rock it!

In this half-day workshop your team will:

  • Learn many of the ways businesses are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to their benefit
  • Be shown step-by-step how to quickly set up accounts on these services and check, post and respond to them without eating up large chunks of the work day
  • Understand how to apply social media strategies to reflect and project your unique brand
  • Feel confident in taking on this responsibility while understanding where the pitfalls and potholes are – and learn how to avoid them


Jill reveals how using conventional training and worn-out clichés will end up with mediocre customer service at best. Her proven approach will help your team truly understand what they should be doing and why, resulting in happier customers and clients.

After this half-day, interactive session, your team will:

  • Have the tools necessary to retain happy customers and clients – and be able to implement them
  • Understand the different contexts of customer service – phone, web, in-person – what your customers’ expectations are for each
  • Comprehend the role that customer service plays in your organization and believe in themselves and their ability to provide excellent service